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Urban Walker by Vibram®

The rubber-tread sole from Vibram gives you a firm hold on a number of different surfaces. The soft continous EVA-midsole offers great cushioning. An excellent combination for leisure activities, long walks and travelling.

Latex rubber profile sole, genuine double stitching + air cushion

With its distinct tread the Meindl rubber-tread sole gives you the best hold in any conditions. The hook heel offers additional hold and the perfectly tailored and cushioned midsole guarantees plenty of comfort when walking.

Meindl Multigrip® 3 by Vibram®, genuine double stitching with air cushion

With its non-slip rubber tread, the Meindl Multigrip® 3 from Vibram® offers superb off-road hold. Its self-cleaning sole tread and the hook heel offer additional hold on difficult terrain. Furthermore, the air cushion integrated in the soft insole at the front of the foot facilitates comfortable and cushioned walking.

Multicontrol I by Vibram®

This rubber-tread sole by Vibram® is fitted with internal cleats and a double-component rubber compound to give you an even greater grip. The continous shock absorber enables soft walking comfort.

Meindl Comfort fit® casual with EVA wedge

The non-slip rubber tread with the continous cushioning wedge, which is equipped with a distinct roll, ensures outstanding comfort when walking. The sole is tailored to perfectly suit our Comfort-fit® concept and provides width in the forefoot area. Ideal for easy walking, country walks and everyday use.

Meindl Urban

Combined with the smoothened soft-step wedge, the fine rubber tread sole offers excellent cushioning and superb hold in an urban setting.

Meindl Magic Active PRO

The sole has a non-slip rubber tread with a small heel and continoous shock absorber, giving you top comfort when taking walks as well as in everyday use.

Vibram® Vi-Lite

The Vibram® Vi-Lite sole is made of special rubber material, thus providing perfect cushioning with an extremely light weight.


Softstep Leder

An extremely comfortable, soft footbed made of vegetable-tanned leather. With its anatomical shape and soft padding, it provides the highest level of wearing and climate comfort.

Comfort fit®, cork and SOFT PRINT

A specially developed footbed for our light Comfort fit® line. It’s made of a memory-foam structure and an absorbent upper, and an anatomically premoulded cork lining which adapts perfectly to the shape of your foot. While simultaneously providing wearing and climate comfort, it is also supportive in guiding the foot.

Comfort fit®, cork and fleece

The footbed is fitted throughout with anatomically premoulded cork. Cork ensures excellent climate comfort in warm and cool temperatures. To keep feet dry, the footbed cover is made of Cambrelle and fleece, a combination that quickly dissipates dampness. The Poron shock absorber in the heel area ensures that each step is comfortable.

Genuine sheepskin

Natural lambskin with 8 – 12mm thickness, stabilised with a backing material. It can be removed and should occasionally be brushed to achieve its full insulation values.

All footbeds in the Meindl Identity boot range are removable and can be washed.