Ecological & transparent.


Ecological & transparent.

Meindl production

Feeling and passion.

Tradition and innovation meet in the traditional shoemakers from Kirchanschöring and are unified here in a high-quality product. It takes the finest leather and materials as well as innumerable individual production steps to produce a Meindl Identity® boot. The craftsmanship is given pride of place, and so, as always, there is a human standing behind every machine and moving the work process forward, step by step.

In doing so, Meindl is continuing its centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship. This is the only way can you get really reliable companions for many unforgettable moments in your life.

The tannery

The Heinen tannery, which tans the leather in Germany in a proven environmentally-friendly way, is very important in producing the Meindl Identity® range. In order to treat the leather as gently and ecologically as possible, Heinen has further optimised its procedure for Meindl Identity®. This means each individual piece is documented and identified using the Meindl Identity® number. “Meindl Identity® was an idea that surpassed everything imaginable that had gone before,” stressed Thomas Heinen. “We are proud to be part of this successful product.”

Quality standards

Traditional and innovative.

Everyone claims to deliver good quality. But, take a second look and the reality often shows quite a different story. The quality standards in Meindl Identity® go far beyond what is expected from a high quality boot. So that everything feels right in the end, the entire delivery and production chain must be coherent. That’s why your Meindl Identity® uses only superior raw materials: upper leather which has been processed without damaging the environment, fair labour conditions in our European production facilities, and, of course, a passion for detail. Not something to be taken for granted, but we’re glad to have such a premium product range. And you can be glad to have found a very strong companion to walk through life with you.

The production

By the time you put your Meindl Identity® boot on for the first time, it will already have undergone 200 individual production steps. This requires not only craftsmanship, but also plenty of time. From the hide to the completed model takes more than 20 days. Part of the value of your Meindl Identity® is its rarity. Only 25,000 boots are produced each year. The reason: limited and premium resources.